Small Group Ministry

In 2017 we discerned we needed to create more opportunities for church partners and regular attenders to connect in community through small groups and mentoring relationships. In the time since, God has blessed the effort!

Today, we have three small groups in Rib Lake and have plans to start more.

The meetings takes place weekly in a home and include a meal. If necessary, provision is made for children while the grownups meet. The group spends time in God’s Word looking at a passage, a study, a video, or a series of questions from the previous week’s message. Then, the group shares about where they’re learning to trust Christ in their everyday lives, and group members pray for one another. Simple enough, and it’s a contemporary picture of Acts 2.42 and how followers of Jesus love each other.

Here are some specifics of when and where our groups are meeting:

  1. The Petersen (Andra/Tim) small group meets on Monday evenings in Rib Lake. (Contact Andra at [email protected])
  2. The Everson small group meets on Monday evenings in Rib Lake. (Contact Tammy at [email protected])
  3. The Boehnke and Eidsen small group meets on Tuesday evenings in Rib Lake. (Contact Michael at [email protected])

If you’d like to join one of these small groups, feel free to reach out to the leaders directly, or contact the church office at [email protected].

There’s always room for you at Woodland!